The top 10 best ways to improve your surfing 

Surfing, like all sports, is no walk in the park and it requires an immense amount of time, dedication, and persistence to master the art. Even surfing simply requires a level of attention and practice to begin tackling the ocean. There is no one way to improve at surfing, there are many, and utilizing the techniques outlined in this article you can begin improving your surfing with each passing session in the ocean. So grab your stick and get in the water because it’s cooking out there!

Surf till you can’t surf no more

The only fool-proof way of improving at any hobby is practicing that hobby. After all, it is said that working at something for 10,000 hours will lead you to mastering it. While that may not be a fair assessment in every person’s case, one cannot deny that practice makes perfect. In saying so, the best method you can start implementing to improve your surfing is to go surfing more often. Surf as often as you can, even for just an hour every few days and you will see significant results.

The top 10 best ways to improve your surfing

Learn from the best

Some of us have a knack for catching onto new hobbies, while others take a little longer to get into the swing of things. Alas, you can speed up the learning process by finding someone to learn from. Surfing instructors are all over the beaches, eager to teach newcomers the ropes and you would gain significant improvement if you joined a surfing class with a professional.

Stretch it out

Often overlooked, stretching is an essential part of surfing you should do before you’ve run out into the ocean. Surfing is taxing on the body, and preparing it for the activity is vital for minimizing injury as well as being able to perform better. 

Work on your fitness

Believe it or not, you can improve your surfing without even having to be in the water. The sport is an incredibly difficult one that requires tremendous levels of fitness to both perform and sustain yourself out in the ocean, especially when waves are pounding onto the shore. Starting your morning with a light jog or working on your cardiovascular health will support your surfing efforts as they improve your fitness levels, allowing you to surf for longer in tough conditions.

Head to many beaches

You may be surfing the same break because you’ve become familiar with what to expect from the ocean here, but the only way you will improve is by exploring different types of waves. Beaches across the globe all boast varying types of waves that come in all shapes and sizes as well as break over either sand bars or reefs. Becoming comfortable with multiple types of wave setups on different beaches will help you improve tenfold as you are able to tackle any conditions. 

The top 10 best ways to improve your surfing

Try skating

Surfing more is not the only way you can improve your wave riding, skating also does wonders at supporting it. All board sports rely on excellent coordination and thus, having the ability to do one will positively impact your ability to do the other. So, if you have a skateboard or can grab one for cheap then give it a try and see your surfing improve. The great thing about skateboarding is that it can be done at any time and practically anywhere, as opposed to surfing which requires specific wave conditions, meaning you can skate more often and see major improvements in your surfing quicker.