The best activities to teach your kids about the environment and keep them busy

Have your kids been jumping off the walls during lockdown? It’s no surprise since the boredom took over with them stuck at home all day. We’ve been searching for activities to keep the kids busy during the lockdown and these may prove useful for future holidays to come. But, what exactly makes a good activity? Well, it can’t simply be fun that’s for sure. Of course, it has to be entertaining but for it to be a truly great activity it has to be educational too. That is why we have gone ahead and defined some of the best activities to keep your kids busy while teaching them about the environment. This could be extremely beneficial for their future and the future of our planet. 

Let them join the #ClimateStrikeOnline

If your kids are familiar with social media and have active accounts that you monitor, then you can start getting them excited about the environment by encouraging them to join the #ClimateStrikeOnline. The incredible initiative launched by wunderkind Greta Thunberg is making waves as the go-to call to action for young environmental activities. Let your kids let their voices be heard for all the right reasons on these platforms that can be used for powerful, positive change. This may connect them with other kids who believe in the same things and value the environment as much as your family does. Who knows, a budding new friendship may flourish into a lifelong one.

The best activities to teach your kids about the environment and keep them busy

Do things with them that are DIY

You and your kids can start having fun together while caring for the environment by planning a series of DIY projects that utilizes old rubbish and cardboard you may have considered recycling. You’d be surprised at how many wonderful things you can create from throwaway items such as toilet rolls or cereal boxes. Whether it be a decorative feature, bird feeder or file-organizer, all it takes is a little bit of Pinteresting to get the creative juices flowing and start enjoying your environmental efforts as a team.

Virtual visits to our National Parks

To keep people excited about our environment and the parks within our country, Google launched an initiative whereby users can explore the parks virtually. When lockdown was at its peaks, this initiative was welcomed by all who wanted to be around nature but were restricted to their homes. Now, if you cannot head to the park for a light stroll with your kids, why not let them experience the outdoors virtually, learning about the endemic creatures from the comfort and safety of the living room. 

Get home gardening

If you have some time and money on your hands, why not invest in a home-gardening project with your kids. You don’t have to spend a fortune to do this, simply head down to your local nursery and look for some small plants to begin curating your garden. Equipped with some soil and some shovels, you and your kids can create a magical natural wonderland where they can learn about agriculture and looking after plants, a responsible lesson that will live on with them into the future. A herb garden is a great way to save money and is an effective tool in teaching your kids about the importance of self-sustainability.

The best activities to teach your kids about the environment and keep them busy

By encouraging your kids to get involved in these activities and doing a few of them together, you can start teaching them the importance of looking after the environment while keeping them busy and entertained. Plant two flowers with one seed when using these helpful tips!