Steps to building your perfect social media persona

Social media platforms are riddled with social media influencers. It is one of the most popular and extremely profitable jobs if you know how to do it properly. Needless to say, not everyone does and half the social media influencers that you’ll find on the platforms are not showcasing authenticity in their profiles. If you’re either working towards becoming a social media influencer or even just wish to use the platforms to showcase who you are, then authenticity is the secret ingredient to standing out from everyone else. But, spotlighting your individuality is the hardest part of building your social media persona, so it would be wise to lay a solid foundation on which to build this from. By following these simple steps, you can start curating a professional social media persona that is perfect for you, one that may help land a job or influence your followers who join you on this journey. 

Steps to building your perfect social media persona

Update every account

One of the very first mistakes people make is failing to update all of their social media accounts. If you have multiple accounts or ones that you have completely forgotten about, it would be wise to audit them and update them. Ensuring that all of your details are accurate will maintain a cohesive social media persona no matter what platform your follower is viewing from. That means updating bios, removing old and questionable content, and adjusting your privacy settings. 

Be an expert

Before you start scheduling content, determine what exactly your social media pages are going to revolve around. This would essentially be your area of expertise. Everyone has something that they are passionate about and know a great deal about, so pinpoint yours and use this as a springboard to launch your social media persona. Whether you’ve watched every single TV show and film on Netflix or are an avid gym-bunny, start preparing for a social media persona that punts your interests if you want to keep both your viewer and yourself entertained. 

Support your scheduling 

One of the hardest parts of maintaining a social media persona is finding the time to sit down, edit, curate, pick and choose, caption, and post. It’s a process, not simply taking a photo and sharing it online. Hence, if we can make any part of the process a little easier, then we can start focusing on the content itself and how that will curate our perfect social media persona. Such a tactic includes signing up for apps that aid the scheduling of posts. Queueing up your posts via Buffer or Hootsuite means that you can spend a week working on your month’s worth of content and not have to worry about it from there. The apps will do all the posting for you!

Steps to building your perfect social media persona

Have a positive angle

In this day and age, positivity really sells. Followers are more inclined to stick with pages that promote optimism and are motivational. Viewers look to our pages as a source of inspiration and thus having a positive angle on your page will do wonders for your social media persona. You may be tempted to share rash and irrelevant thoughts but steering clear of toxic bait and keeping your content positive will avoid isolating your following and damaging your social media persona. 

These are but a few of the steps you can use to start building your perfect social media persona, and the work doesn’t stop here! May your posting be productive and your influence positive.