DIY facial masks to help your skin

No matter what those skin care commercials make you think, no one has perfect skin. Even those Instagram models have to edit out pimples. So don’t stress it when you start having breakouts. It’s totally normal. But that doesn’t change the fact that having skin problems is seriously annoying. Luckily for you, there are a number of DIY facial masks out there to help you out whether you have greasy or dry skin – or somewhere in between. Try these out and take control over your skin care routine!

Raphael Lovaski | Unsplash

Banana-based face mask

Okay, bear with us for a second. We know that the idea of smearing a banana all over your face doesn’t really sound all that appealing (get it, a-peel-ing?). But if you’re someone who has trouble getting your pimples to disappear, this might be the trick that you’re looking for. Here’s how you make a face mask using a banana. Mash up a banana, and add in half a teaspoon of both turmeric and baking soda. You might feel like a banana split for a bit, but all the vitamins in the banana will help clear your skin.

Soothing mask with avocado

We shouldn’t need to explain at this point all the skin-related benefits that avocados have, right? The natural materials in avocados can really help moisturize your skin and soothe out any irritation that you’re dealing with. But let’s go a step beyond that and in a few more ingredients to make this mask even more soothing. Take a teaspoon of honey, a quarter of an avocado, a teaspoon of coconut oil, and finish it off with a few drops of lavender. Ultimate relaxation.

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The perfect mask for dull skin

Is your face missing that X-factor when you look in the mirror? That might be because your skin is aching for antioxidants and vitamins. We all have dull skin now and again, so brighten it up with this face mask. It’s natural and super easy to make. Plus it smells good. Boil a cup of water and steep a green tea bag in it for two minutes. Then cut open the bag, pour the leaves into a bowl, and add six mashed up raspberries. Apply the mask once it cools down a bit and enjoy!

Oatmeal and lemon face mask

Here’s another one for those of us dealing with oily skin that results in tiring breakouts. This time we’re gonna cook up some oatmeal, so go grab your favorite kind. Cook up half a cup of the stuff, and then crack an egg into it. Finally, add one tablespoon of freshly squeezed lemon juice (or normal lemon juice if you don’t happen to have a lemon sitting around). It’s the perfect mixture of acidic and soothing ingredients.

Jocelyn Morales | Unsplash

A mask to even out your skin tone

We all love laying around in the sun during summer, but our skin isn’t always as into it. Excess tanning can give you an uneven skin tone, and no one wants that. If you want to just make things look a bit more even, try out this delicious-sounding face mask recipe. It’s one tablespoon of each of the following ingredients: honey, turmeric, and plain yogurt. Would that make a great snack? Yes. Does it make an even better face mask that smooths out your skin color? Oh yeah.

Deal with those dark circles

We live in a busy time, and most of us don’t really have the time to relax that we want. We’re always tired, and our skin suffers because of it. If you can’t get a few extra hours of sleep tonight, try out this face mask to at least make your skin feel rested. Get half a tablespoon of coffee grounds and mix in one teaspoon of raw honey. Apply this directly to the circles under your eyes. It’s a temporary fix, but it makes a big difference. Coffee to wake up the skin… it just makes so much sense.

A chocolate-based face mask

Chocolate isn’t just something that tastes great; it also is great for your skin. It helps to improve circulation, and it makes your skin have a nice, healthy glow. This mask is based around cacao powder, but it also has a few other great ingredients. Mix a quarter of a papaya, a tablespoon of cacao, and a bit of Aloe Vera gel (the actual amount is up to you – feel free to experiment a bit). You’ll feel hugely exfoliated after leaving this on for about ten minutes.

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A face mask that helps with eczema

Lots of us need a bit of facial soothing every now and again, but dealing with eczema breakouts requires a different level of gentleness. DIY facial masks that use natural, clean ingredients are perfect for anyone struggling with red, itchy eczema spots. Try this one out if that describes you. Combine a tablespoon of oatmeal with a teaspoon of honey and about half of a teaspoon of water (preferably filtered). The redness and irritation will go down, leaving you ready to take on anything!

A pollution-proof face mask

We’re not sure if you’ve heard, but us humans have done a real number on the environment. Industrialization has led to pollutants filling the air that can really harm the world we live in. But don’t forget: those pollutants can also harm us and our skin! If you’re worried about that, fret no longer. We have the perfect face mask for you. Grind up some almonds and mix them with two tablespoons of olive oil. Both ingredients work wonders, but the olive oil will protect you from free radicals in the air.

The simplest recipe for beating acne

Let’s cut to the chase. You probably are just looking for a really simple way to help deal with your acne. We’ve got you. You only need two ingredients. Combine one tablespoon of Aloe Vera gel and a single drop of tea tree oil. The aloe helps offset the tea tree oil, which is an ingredient known for being a bit harsh when used by itself. This is an easy treatment that you can use whenever you’re dealing with spotty skin. It’s a great face mask to have in your DIY arsenal.