5 professional organizers you should follow on social media

Now more than ever, social media has become a source of inspiration for practically anything we set our hearts on. There is content on everything and the organizing game appears to be stealing the limelight of late. Influencers like Marie Kondo are flooding our feeds with organizational tips and tricks to ensure our homes are in tip-top shape. There is even a Netflix show dedicated to the tidying up techniques. But, Marie Kondo is not the only organizer set to teach you a thing or about being tidy. There is an abundance of social media influences showcased in their style and techniques for you to start implementing in your home. In this article, we will outline five essential and professional organizers that you should start following on social media to make your house a more pleasant place to live in. 

Laura Cattano

Laura’s living better with less philosophy is having a major impact on the organizing world and her social pages are a testament to its effectiveness. Adopting this minimalistic approach is all the rage right now, and it would help those followers to start seeing tidy results in their lives if they were to employ Laura’s tips and tricks. From practical techniques to simple tricks, Laura appeals to just about everyone who wishes to start being more organized in their own homes. 

5 professional organizers you should follow on social media

Neat Method

In contrast to Laura’s appeal, Neat Method focuses more on the sophisticated and luxury lifestyle of the high rollers. This is not to say that we cannot follow the account, as it is loaded with incredible tips as well as being a visual feast for the eyes. This is the kind of page that would inspire us to achieve our dreams so that we can treat ourselves to the kind of luxuries seen on the page. 

The Home Edit

Breaking out onto Netflix this past month, the Home Edit is making waves in the organizer world and you should hit them up with a follow if you haven’t already. Practical organization systems and a flair for interior design make this one of the most exciting up and coming organization projects started by two best friends. The down-to-earth nature of the page is also something we can get behind.

Simply Organized

With peeks inside the life and times of the author of the page, from the contents of the fridge to dramatic before-and-afters, this is an inspirational page if there ever was any. Simply Organized is also a page about making the most with what you have, showcasing that you can add a splash of color and joy to your home with ease and a little elbow grease. 

5 professional organizers you should follow on social media

Shira Gill

Another on our list to adopt a practical and minimalist approach to her organization, Shira is a mastermind at the practice, empowering her followers with the tips and mental mindset shifts needed to embody this incredible ethos. The page shows us that just about anyone can live exceptionally well with a little, amounting to much less clutter.

With all of this inspiration right at our fingertips, it is no surprise that we are living in the golden age of content where organizers like these are helping us live more productive and organized home lives.