Found something online you like? Here are the 5 ways to check if you can get it cheaper

Whether we’re planning for a big, month-start grocery shop or budgeting to purchase a brand new laptop, we’re all always looking for a deal. And, who can blame us? Prices are through the roof and during these tough times, scoring something a little cheaper can make all the difference in the long run. Our savings accounts and budgets would do wonders if we had a few tricks up our sleeve to get our goods at a slightly more affordable price. If you’re one for budgeting, then look no further than this article outlining five easy ways you can start getting your stuff at a cheaper price. 

Choosing the right day to shop

This trick requires almost no effort beyond effective planning skills. Oh, did we forget to mention that it is also one of the most effective? While you may not save a fortune pinpointing the ideal shopping day, doing so regularly can start racking up a decent amount of savings. For example, it is always best to shop when the discount days are flowing in. Wednesdays, Thursdays, and Fridays seem to be the most prominent discount days as many shops look to unload their produce. Furthermore, there are some significant calendar days throughout the year that it would be wise to plan for. Days like Black Friday and Cyber Monday are the most famous for boasting incredible savings opportunities that you should plan your next big buy, whether it is a new appliance or holiday, for. 

Found something online you like? Here are the 5 ways to check if you can get it cheaper

Use apps to save a little

More and more apps encouraging savings are being punted on our phone stores, enticing us to utilize them to grab stuff at a better deal. Groupon and PriceGrabber are just two of the many technological tools that can point you in the right savings direction if you wish to get a meal or product at a discounted price. 

Leaving items in your cart

A trick that is becoming more and more popular is leaving items in your cart. Many online shops want visitors to flood through the sales funnel, meaning these companies are not too fond of users sitting with products in their carts and failing to make a purchase. For this reason, companies will generally start offering you discounts and deals on the stuff in your cart to encourage you to buy. So why not just rack up your wishlist and see what savings start to come your way.

Negotiating down

Granted, this trick is not going to work when you are grocery shopping. However, if you find yourself looking to purchase a new car or high-tech gadget, generally companies are going to be willing to negotiate if you open the floor to bidding. The sales reps are not outright going to offer you a lower deal, so it is up to you to take the initiative and inquire about it. Other tactics that are tried and proven for negotiating include showing some interest and then turning away before making the purchase, encouraging a sales rep to call you back in the hopes of landing the deal.

Found something online you like? Here are the 5 ways to check if you can get it cheaper

Coupons, coupons, coupons

Always keep your eyes peeled for coupons. Whether your local supermarket is offering them or your regular restaurant has a rewards program, you can start getting more bang for your buck if you sign up for free coupon and rewards programs. This tip won’t yield massive results but a free smoothie here and there really does make a difference.