The ultimate guide for girls only getaways

There’s nothing like going on a vacation with your girls. Look, don’t get us wrong, we love the men in our life too, but sometimes we just really need some time to soak in that glorious feminine energy. It gives us life. If you’ve been wanting to just get away from it all for a bit with your best gal pals, we’re here to give you some inspiration. A girls-only getaway is just the thing you need to make everything feel alright in the world again.

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Focus on relaxation

It’s always fun to go on a vacation that is all about being busy and seeing as many things as possible. But every trip that you go on doesn’t need to be like that. If you only have a weekend or so to hang out with your friends, why not just make it a relaxing weekend? Rent a little villa on the beach somewhere, toss on some comfy clothes, and just lay in the sun. Sounds nice, right? You’ll be way less tired when you get home, and it will let you enjoy your surroundings that much more.

Look for underrated locations

It’s really easy to just pick a popular vacation spot and follow in the footsteps of millions of other travelers. But do you know what’s far more exciting? Going somewhere different and off the beaten path. You’ll feel like a trailblazer! When everyone else is at the beach, maybe consider a trip to the desert. It will be just as warm, there are still plenty of places to swim, but you will have much more space to yourself. Spots like Utah and New Mexico are highly underrated for girls-only vacations, so get into it!

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Think big

Most of us tend to stay inside a bubble of what we know and what is comfortable. That makes complete sense, and we don’t want to shame anyone that just wants to stick to what they know works. But if you have a bit of time to explore the world with your besties, you should really do some exploring! Don’t just limit yourself to the places you have already visited. Try visiting a new resort, driving to a new state, or even flying to a new country. That fear you feel will quickly turn into excitement once you get there!

Go for the culture

Some people go on girls trips to just spend time with their best friends; others do it so that they can experience culture with the people that they love. If you fall into that second category, you probably already know that you don’t need to go too far to get a healthy dose of great culture! Familiar places such as Nashville, TN or Santa Fe, NM are packed with enough interesting sights and locations that you can get the experience of visiting another country without going too far from your home.

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Skip the hotels

There is something special about staying in a beautiful hotel right in the heart of a city. But do you know what’s even cooler? Spending your time in a unique, culturally relevant Airbnb. You’re probably a bit apprehensive about staying in one if you’re new to the Airbnb experience, but trust us, it’s very worth it. Not only are you going to get a much cooler place to stay, but you can often get great Airbnbs that are cheaper than the best hotels nearby. Plus, you get the place to yourself!

Get into glamping

Camping isn’t for everyone. There are bugs. You have to deal with the weather. You get sweaty and dirty. Some people love that kind of intense experience. Others prefer a bit more of a comfortable vacation. But what would you say if we told you that you could have all the benefits of camping without any of the downsides? Glamping is a really cool way to experience the outdoors with your ladies. Spots like La Ventana in California are gorgeous and rustic while still being as comfortable as hotels. Just think about the Instagram pics!

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Budget doesn’t mean boring

Traveling with your gals is always really fun, but many people don’t want to do it if they don’t have a ton of money laying around. That makes sense, but did you know that you can travel on a budget and still have a great time? You may need to cut back on some luxuries, but there are plenty of great places to stay out there in the world that don’t cost a paycheck. Spots like the Austin Motel in Austin, TX are proof that you find an awesome spot that still works within a budget.

Take advantage of your National Parks Service

If you’re lacking inspiration for a trip, remember that there is infrastructure in place to keep you entertained no matter where you are. We’re talking about the National Parks! National Parks and Monuments are consistently some of the coolest natural locations in every corner of the country. You can simply drive up, talk to a ranger, and receive an entire trip’s worth of ideas of things to do. Most National Parks also have really comfortable and well-maintained campgrounds if that’s your sort of thing.

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Time to hit the lake

If National Parks aren’t really what you’re into, maybe consider a summertime trip to a lake. Every country has some amazing lakes, and the United States in particular has a ton of great locations based around lakes. You can stay at a beautiful Airbnb next to Lake Superior that can act as your homebase in between kayaking and swimming excursions. Lakes give you all the fun of ocean beaches without all of the masses of people, and that’s always a win in our books.

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Make an itinerary beforehand

Have you ever returned feeling a bit unsatisfied from a trip that seemed like it was going to be amazing before you left? Yeah, we have too. And that’s almost always because we didn’t do the proper preparation beforehand. If you’re nervous about not making the most of your time, sit down with your girls and do some research. Even if you just make a list of awesome coffee shops to visit, it can make a big difference. Having an itinerary in mind is a great way to fully use your time away from home.