The best ways to keep your houseplants alive

Plant-parents can relate to the stress of searching for someone to look after their plants while they’re away on vacation. Firstly, it has to be someone that you know and trust as you do not want just any random rummaging through your house or things on their own accord. Secondly, it has to be someone whose schedule aligns perfectly with yours and they have the time to help out. Thirdly, they need to live near enough and be willing to make the commute to help a friend out. These stars do not always align and many of us leave for vacation praying that we return to see happy, green plant-babies. No doubt, not every single one has made it through every vacation.

The best ways to keep your houseplants alive

Alas, you do not have to completely rely on a plant-sitter to look after your green friends the next time you go on vacation. There are a few simple tricks you can implement to help your plants survive a short vacation the next time you take one. We have outlined these to help you save the lives of your lush roommates the next time you head out!

Give them a good water before you go

The first and most simple tip is to water your plants before you step out the house. Seems simple enough, but in our packing-panic, many of us completely forget to give our plants a little tender-loving-care before we step through the door. Alas, jotting down ‘water plants’ in your packing to-do list may be the difference between a house full of life and one looking rather dull when you return from vacation.

Turn down the temp

Hot weather is a major plant-killer as the hotter the temperature is, the quicker water evaporates, leaving the plants unable to gain as much of the essential nutrients they need to survive your vacation away. So, before you leave, be sure to check the temperature of your house, either turning down your thermostat, turning it off completely, or finding some semi-shady spots where your plants can spend the weekend.

Set a timer to irrigate

If you have a sprinkler system in place to water your outdoor plants, then you may want to consider spending a few bucks to attach a timer to it. This is a neat trick that will help you keep the plants hydrated both during times that you’re on vacation and while you’re at home. This tip is handy for those always on-the-go!

The best ways to keep your houseplants alive

The perfect time to prune

An often skipped, but important, tip to prolonging the time your plants can spend without you is giving them a good pruning before you head out on your vacation. By removing dead or dying leaves and chopping off the buds and flowers, you may lengthen the plant’s life span without water. This is because the less ‘plant’ in the pot, the less water it needs. Furthermore, your plant-babies will be less susceptible to pest infestations or diseases while you’re gone. 

Make use of mulch

Serving to lock in moisture and combat evaporation, mulch may prove the number one method to ensure your plants survive your vacation. High-quality mulch may even have the ability to prevent the spread of pests, doubling down on your life-saving techniques. 

Employing one or more of these simple steps may help promote healthier plant life and help you keep your green guys alive the next time you head out for a vacation!