5 under $20 products that will make you a work from home ninja

In a world under lockdown, many of us have been thrust into a work-from-home lifestyle whether we like it or not. It is a major adjustment from what was once the norm, a nine to five job working for the weekends, and has come with big advantages and equally big disadvantages. While we may have more time to spend with our kids or get odds and ends done around the house, motivation is bound to take a knock. After all, many of us are not equipped with some basic skills digital nomads and other workers not bound to the cubicle have adopted in their free working gigs. But, what if we told you that there are some handy products to help you seamlessly transition into a productive work-from-home lifestyle? Yes, for as little as $20, you can get hold of an essential time saving or productivity promoting product that will make you a work from home ninja. 

Daily planner

The first and most important buy on your pursuit of becoming a work from home ninja is a daily planner. These handy little stacks of paper are cutely designed to bring back some fun to your job, allowing you to map out your prospective day and prioritize tasks to get things done. These little wonders come as cheap as $11, and if you’re really looking to score a buck, then you can take your daily planning digital and scour Pinterest for downloadable daily planners you can pick up for free. Either way, the affordability and utility of a daily planner make them a worthwhile investment for any work from home ninja.

5 under $20 products that will make you a work from home ninja

Mug warmer

It’s amazing what a good coffee roast can do for someone working from home. It’s just the kind of thing to help take the edge off and jump start your day, and many of us end up turning to the coffee jar far too often as we continue working from home. That said, there is nothing quite as revolting as a cold cup of coffee. So, never let your coffee cool off by purchasing yourself an affordable mug warmer. It may not seem like a particularly helpful work tool, but you’ll be surprised at just how effective a cup of joe is when you’re really on the brink at work. These babies go for as little as $9, a bargain if you ask us. 

Stability ball

If you’ve been working from home for long then you can vouch for the fact that chairs make all the difference! Proper back support and good posture will keep you energetic throughout the day, so be sure to pay attention to this. Slouching and grouching is bound to impact your productivity, so why not invest in a stability ball? For a mere $15 you can pick one up and start supporting your physical health.

5 under $20 products that will make you a work from home ninja

Migraine stick

Does anyone feel burned out and suffering from major migraines? Looking at a screen all day isn’t doing us any favors either. These are enough to stop your work from home efforts dead in their tracks and send your productivity levels plummeting out of control. Well, an $11 roll-on migraine stick may be just the kind of remedy to help you keep going. These are bound to halt the pain throughout the day.

Tabletop fan

A handy little gadget for keeping you cool during those extremely hot days, something that will surely keep the sweat off your brows and your workflow in check. For just $15 you can feel more comfortable when you work, supporting your productivity in the process.